Using me to buy your dream home is 100% Free . The agent that is selling the home you buy splits their commission with me; thats how I get compensated. I also pay your REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION fee. That's a $315.00 savings to you. 

If you don't LOVE your home the first year you live in it, I'll sell it for FREE.  That's right, I will sell your home completely for free if for any reason you need to sell your home within the first year after purchase.

To provide YOU with piece of mind, I cover all the cost of a HOME WARRANTY for your new home for the first year.  The home warranty covers the REPAIR or REPLACEMENT of items like the HVAC system, Appliances, Plumbing and more. That's a savings of $550.00

Some buyers don't know that there is an appraisal cost when purchasing a home.  As a service to you and to ensure you have the best possible HOME BUYING EXPERIENCE; Our partnership with our preferred lender will cover the cost of your appraisal. That's a savings of up to $500.00

Lets face it, moving can be messy.  The last thing you want to do after hauling all your furniture in is clean your new home. That's why I have my preferred HOUSE CLEANERS come in and clean your home the first time for FREE.  This is worth up to $200.00. If you decide to treat yourself to their service in the future they offer all of my clients 25% OFF their regular priced cleaning.

After moving in, there is always little things here and there that you might find need to be fixed or adjusted.  Walls get scuffed, you need an extra wall outlet, or you want a new light fixture hung. I pay for 2 hours of HANDYMAN work to help get your house just the way you want it. That's a savings of $90.00 and the headache of trying to find a reliable person to get the job done.

 913 954 7123 or [email protected]