The Spradling Group is growing and we need to fill some positions to keep up with the influx of clients we have! We currently work as a close knit team, believing every person has qualities that help them to excel in different areas. Rarely does one Agent excel at EVERYTHING without getting overwhelmed. We compensate by having processes and positions that help us work as a team, which then allows us to preform at a higher capacity than a single agent alone. 

Some Qualities we value in ALL our Agents are: 

Genuine in the care for people & community (this is a PEOPLE buisness)

Efficient Communication Skills

Authentic Personalities

Great Work Ethic


Learn about the specific positions we are hiring for below: 

Showing Partner Position 

We are looking for a Licensed Agent who's FAVORITE Part about their job is SHOWING HOUSES and CONNECTING with people. 

Our Showing Partner's work closely with our database managers and lead buyer's agent by taking care of the client over the Showing Period. This is the Go To person for the client when showing them potential future houses. The Showing Partner's know what the Clients are looking for, have an eye for a good opportunity, know how to craft a hot offer and genuienly care for the clients they work with. 

Our Ideal Showing Partner is an outgoing Agent who is a great communicator, works well in a team setting and is not afraid to meet new people!

Must be able to: 

Anwser the phone via Calls/Texts/Emails regularly and efficiently

Drive in Kansas and Missouri

Have a valid Real Estate License / Real Estate Experience 

*All of our Showing Partners recieve $18.75/HR SALARY plus a Gas Card

Database Manager Position

We are looking for an Agent who enjoys managing people, schedules and information. We need somebody who loves to organize information and their favorite part of their Job is being a part of matching that buyer with the house of their dreams. 

Our Database Managers work closely with the Showing Partners and Lead Buyer's Agent by being the consisitent hub for information and communication. The Database Manager is the go to for updating the CRM, Scheduling showings, directing clients to the correct agent and assisting in data organization. 

Our Ideal Database Manager understands and enjoys the process of data input and communicating the information across the board. They are an Agent who understands the market and what it takes to show houses, write offers but prefers to work in the office or from home doing admin processes. Our Database Manager is a great communicator, task oriented and can step up to a challenge! 

Must be able to: 

Anwser Calls/Texts/Emails regularly and efficiently

Have a Valid Real Estate License/Real Estate Experience 

Have a laptop

*All of our Database Managers recieve $18.75/HR SALARY and Can work Remotely in the PM